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This article is a travel topic Luggage delivery services AIRPORTELs provide a door-to-door luggage delivery service, where your luggage or sports equipment is picked-up from your home, office or any physical address and delivered to your hotel, resort or any other physical address. Luggage allowances are decreasing and excess luggage fees increasing. Some travelers cannot physically manage their luggage, in particular some senior travelers and travelers with disabilities.

The advantages of luggage delivery services are:

  • You can travel with just your hand luggage
  • Reduce the queues at check-in. Traveling with hand luggage only means you can check-in at the hand-luggage only counter and avoid the prolonged luggage check-in queues.
  • If you check-in online, it means you can bypass the traditional check-in desk altogether, also meaning that you can arrive at the airport closer to the departure time of your flight.
  • Avoid the wait at the baggage carousel at your destination airport.
  • Eliminate incidents of airline lost, delayed or damaged luggage.
  • Avoid having to tip airport and hotel staff to handle your luggage.
  • Can ship surfboards and other oddly-shaped items that airlines may not accept as checked luggage.